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Tod - Probate- Law Office of Antoniette JaureguiThe term “TOD” stands for “Transfer on Death” in the context of beneficiary designation for certain assets, such as real property (real estate), vehicles etc., to allow the seamless transfer of those assets to designated beneficiaries upon the owner’s death.

TOD can be used to transfer the following assets in California:

  • Real Estate property
  • Bank accounts
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Mutual funds
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance policies etc.

Purpose of TOD in California:

The primary purpose of Transfer on Death (TOD) designations in California is to simplify the transfer of specific assets to designated beneficiaries after the owner’s death while avoiding the complex probate process.

Important Points to consider in TOD designations in California:

  1. What Assets are eligible for TOD Designation?
  2. Beneficiary Designation
  3. Revocable Designations
  4. Avoiding Complex Legal Process of Probate
  5. Recordation Requirements
  6. Death Certificate


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It’s important to note that the laws regarding adverse possession can be complex, and they vary from state to state. Also, probate cases can be legally contentious and may involve court proceedings. If you are dealing with such a situation, it’s strongly recommended that you consult with a qualified attorney who is familiar with California law. Laws can change, and legal advice tailored to your specific situation is crucial.

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What does it mean by TOD and what is its purpose?