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Will Contest at Law Office of Antoniette JaureguiWill contest is an objection raised against a deceased person’s will with an attempt to invalidate it. These objections may evaluate if the will reflects the testator’s true intent or question the will’s validity. If successful, a will contest may entirely void the will or null some of its contents.

Who can file a Will Contest?

The general rule under California case law allows the deceased person’s heirs, the will’s specific legatees/named beneficiaries, and creditors the ability to contest the will. Someone who wishes to contest a will must have a financial interest – which may be impaired or benefited by the probate process. The Court will want to know if you would have gotten more money from the estate or a lesser amount for the will that you want to contest.

will-contest-2-planning-law-office-antoniette-jauregui-photographGrounds to file a will contest

To file a will contest, you must have an acceptable reason or ground. One may challenge a will for numerous grounds including these:

  • The deceased person was mentally incompetent or incapacitated when making the will.
  • The deceased person was forced to make the will or pressured to include certain parts in the will.
  • The deceased person was tricked into making the will.
  • There was fraud in the making of the will.
  • The deceased person made mistakes in the will.
  • The deceased person voided the will.
  • The deceased person made a new will.


When can I file a will contest?

California law permits you to file a contest with the court either before or after a will is admitted to probate. There are strict time limitations for filing a will contest. Failing to promptly file a will contest will be fatal to your will contest.

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