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Estate Planning at Law of Antoniette JaureguiEstate planning may be a complex and emotionally draining process. What’s worse is that a poorly comprised estate plan may also be detrimental to your loved ones and yourself.  Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly understand Estate Planning and prepare a well-informed plan which will ease the transfer of ownership after one’s demise, while also maximizing what one leaves behind. With the right help and guidance from The Law Office of Antoniette Jauregui, our experienced staff will be able to guide you through essential estate planning documents and the overall process.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the preparation of a plan outlining one’s assets and naming those who will receive and manage those assets after one’s demise.  The process commonly involves one’s family, friends, and in certain cases, charitable organizations of one’s choice. Estate Planning also involves your assets and the various forms of ownership and title that those assets may take. It addresses your future needs in case you are unable to care for yourself. Through estate planning, you can specify:

    • Who and how your assets will be managed for your benefit if you become unable to manage them yourself?
    • When to distribute your assets during your lifetime and under what circumstances.
    • How and to whom your assets will be distributed after your death.
    • How and by whom your personal care will be managed.
    • How health care decisions will be made during your lifetime if you become unable to care for yourself.


What is involved in estate planning?

There are many factors to consider when creating an estate plan. First, ask yourself the following questions:

    • What are my assets and what is their approximate value?
    • Whom do I want to receive those assets — and when?
    • Who should manage those assets if I cannot — either during my lifetime or after my death?
    • Who should be responsible for taking care of my minor children if I become unable to care for them?
    • Who should make decisions on my behalf concerning my care and welfare if I become unable to care for myself?
    • What do I want to be done with my remains after I die and where would I want them buried, scattered, or otherwise laid to rest?

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