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California Supreme Court

  • It is the Highest court with final appellate jurisdiction; 7 justices.
  • Reviews decisions of the Courts of Appeal and has discretion to decide which cases to hear, except in cases involving the death penalty, where review is mandatory. It also addresses questions of law in cases from federal courts and oversees the administration of justice in the state

California Courts of Appeal

  • Intermediate appellate courts, 6 districts, multiple divisions, panels of 3 justices.
  • Hear appeals from the Superior Courts. They review the record of the trial court proceedings and determine whether there were errors of law that significantly affected the outcome.

California Superior Courts

  • Trial courts, 58 counties, general jurisdiction, numerous departments.
  • Handle all types of cases, including estate, probate, criminal, civil, family, juvenile, and traffic matters. These courts also deal with small claims and other specialized cases.

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Hierarchy of Courts in California to decide Estate / Probate cases