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Trust LitigationIt is not uncommon for disputes to arise concerning the administration and interpretation of a Trust. Disputes may arise between beneficiaries, family members, the trustee, or third-party members. These disputes may question a trust’s validity, interpretation, or the trustee’s actions. In combination, these disputes make up the Trust litigation process which involves the numerous disputes in connection with a Trust.

The purpose of creating a Will, Trust, and the Probate process is to provide an orderly manner that reflects the true intent of the Testator or the Trustor as to how he/she would like to have their possessions/estate distributed. When a Trust or Will is created by a person who lacks mental capacity, is unable to make decisions for themselves, or is forcefully pressured to create a Trust or Will (e.g relatives intending to deprive other family members of rightful shares of the estate or third party members) that is when the Trust or Will are contested in court to determine the Trust’s validity, interpretation, and/or question the trustee’s conduct.

The Law Office of Antoniette Jauregui has been helping clients with the Trust Litigation since 1997. We handle several aspects of Trust Litigation including Probate Administration, Will, and Trust Contest. We are here to help and guide you through the Trust Litigation process.

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