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Following are some queries and their answers that we have received time to time from Victorville, California:

Can we use Section 850 Petitions to obtain a document of Fiduciary?

Cases filed under Probate Code Section 850 allow the judge to determine whether and upto what extent an estate is the true owner of specified property. However, in 2022 the Court of Appeal found that such petitions cannot be used as a vehicle to obtain a file materials of a fiduciary.

How to Sell Probate Property?

If you want to sell as an estate executor, you may first have to get the permission from court. Then you have to look for an experience estate agent. An experienced probate attorney can also guide you through the rest of the process i.e. how to hire an appraiser, how to publish notice and at what rates you should sell. If the court allows you to directly sell, it will be relatively easier.

What is co-ownership and what advantage it can have?

It means that the property is owned by more than one owner and if one of the owners dies, the another owner or owners may not have to go through probate.

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Answers to Questions regarding Probate received from Victorville, California