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Are you a victim of Domestic Violence?

According to the law, Domestic violence is either or both, abuse or threat of abuse to a person when the victim who is being abused and the person who is abusing (abuser) are at present or have been in an intimate relationship. Intimate relationship is considered between a married couple or domestic partners, who are dating or used to date, live or lived together, or have a child together.

What is considered as Domestic violence?

  1. Sexual or Physical assault (which includes pulling hair, shoving, kicking, pushing, throwing things, restraining the free movement), whether it is intentional or recklessly done.
  2. Creating fear in someone that they or someone else are about to be hurt or assaulted, like threatening.
  3. Bullying, harassing, destroying someone’s personal property, stalking or breach of peace.
  4. Even physical abuse of the family pets is also considered as abuse.
  5. Verbal, psychological or emotional hurt.

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