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What is a “Civil Harassment Restraining Order”?

Image - Civil Harassment Restraining Order - law office of Antoniette JaureguiAccording to California law, a person who has suffered harassment may seek a restraining order and an injunction prohibiting the harassment.
The order differs from Domestic Violence Restraining Order in the aspect that the person who is accused of harassing is not in a domestic relationship or has no close family connection with the victim. The Civil Harassment Restraining order can be applicable to a present or former husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or other relative.
You may seek protection if you are worried about your safety. The Civil Harassment Restraining Order can include:

  1. Preventing harasser from harassing
  2. Ordering the accused to stay away from the victim and his or her family, home and school of their kids
  3. Other orders for the safety of the victim

When can “Civil Harassment Restraining Order” be requested?

The order can be requested if you are:

  • Threatened or harassed
  • Stalked
  • Sexually assaulted

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